Thursday, April 5, 2007

My Interweb is broken..


Woke up and the magical broadband wireless router seems sick. I found a little note somewhere in Spanish that has a bunch of info on what the three lights on the thing mean but it didn't really help.

I did see something about not putting the modem within 60 meters (60!!) of a computer with wifi, so maybe my wifi router snuggled next to it caused some issues.

I rebooted it a bunch and it didn't seem to help, but every time I'd leave it unplugged it would get slightly better, seemingly getting closer to working the longer I left it unplugged. I do not really understand the mechanism in electronics that would make that so.

So I wandered out to find an internet cafe. I'm in a quarter size cubicle right now, but at least I have connectivity.

Next I need to find someplace that will sell me a prepaid sim so I can call the interweb people and find out what's up. (if it hasn't magically fixored itself this afternoon)


Ali said...

"maybe my wifi router snuggled next to it caused some issues..."

Maybe your modem's just taking a siesta. Don't all Latin-lovin electro-nicos do that after their noches romanticos?

Nic Pottier said...

Maybe the WiMax and WiFi got some hot lovin going on last night when I wasn't noticing and that's why the WiMax is taking a siesta now.

Who knows.

Thank god for stealing wifi though.