Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Found the Ocean


Decided to go wander west to the ocean to find something to eat. This seemed like a fun idea when the sun was still out, but it ended up being quite a ways. Lima is atop a cliff band right on the ocean. They've built parks along the very edge of most of the cliffs that give an amazing view of the water beyond.

These also seem to be the go-to spot for a little Latin-lovin' making out, and who can blame them, it's pretty romantic any way you cut it.


Afterwards I started wandering back to my place and quickly realized I wasn't exactly sure how I came. See, I had this brilliant idea that I'd just bring my trusty Suunto along with it's compass, head SW to get to the ocean then head NE to get back. Who needs a map? (answer: of all people, me!) Of course, the roads don't really run SW and NE and I know a grand total of three streets, so for a bit there I was getting nervous. Thankfully my dead reckoning navigation got me to the grocery store I went to earlier today so it all turned out ok.

I hunted around a bit for a local joint to eat, but the little place I had scoped out earlier is apparently lunch only. I eventually passed a place called "Danica" which rung a bell as Ms Tony Romas from the plane had mentioned it as a good restaurant for 'Peruvian' food.

Turned out to be pretty ritzy but absolutely delicious. They were definitely more nuevo peruvian rather than the traditional fare I was originally seeking out, but were fantastic nonetheless. I had some risotto with grilled red peppers and onions and the most melt in your mouth beef tenderloin I've ever had. That along with the Peruvian drink of a Pisco Sour beforehand and a double espresso afterwards and I was one happy gringo. Grand total on the bill? With a very generous tip, 70 soles, so around $23. I would have gladly paid twice that for the risotto alone however, it was seriously top notch.

Ok, now I'm going to actually do some work before Eric starts Bileet Inc. ;)
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Marc said...

Wheh. Glad we don't have to send out a rescue crew to Lima to look for the lost gringo. Have you considered trailing a long piece of string after you?