Wednesday, April 4, 2007

I feel at home..


Look what I found not two blocks away! I actually knew there was one nearby, but wandering across it randomly was still mildly shocking. I wandered in (nicely air conditioned.. oooh) to check out the prices and they are exactly the same as the US. IE, 10.50 soles (about $3.50 US dollars) for a grande mocha. To put this in perspective, I spent 27 soles on groceries this morning, which included a box of cereal, two huge bottles of water, two big containers of gogurt and some TP.

No I did not partake in the *$s, though an iced drink sure was alluring.


Ali and I were checking out Google maps of Lima the other day. They don't actually have any road data for Peru, but they do still have the satellite view. As we were virtually wandering around the blocks around my apartment, we saw a really odd looking building from the top. Well, that's it from the side, I guess it's a big church.

Speaking of churches, everybody here is obviously Catholic, and it's Easter, so everybody has the rest of the week off. That's cool except that it kills me starting the language school until Monday. Bummer.

I did find the language school though and enrolled in a one month course of 5 2 hours classes a week. Trying to communicate in Spanish has been kind of entertaining really. I first ask whether they speak English, which hardly anybody does (even at the language school!) then try saying things in French with a spanish accent. Often the latter gets me kind of close, or at least on the right track. A few 'dondez' and 'commos' thrown in and eventually some form of communication occurs.
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