Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Grocery Store Found


I had to hang out at the apartment until noonish waiting for the mother of the owner to show up to pay for the month's rent. Everybody gives me these crazy looks when I tell them I don't know any Spanish and am just hanging out for a month. Hrmm..

Anyways, afterwards I found the local grocery store which was nicely stocked. Except I couldn't find anything that really looked like milk to go along with my rations of Captain Crunch. Instead I found lots and lots of bottles of varying flavors of yogurt. I love drinkgurt though, so I grabbed a bottle of the thick stuff in strawberry and one of the thinner varieties in plain. Captain Crunch never tasted so good.

Also found myself a bottle of Kola Real, one of the local Cola variants. Sadly I can't say it tastes very different than Coke or Pepsi, only really differing in that it seems mostly flat. I'm still on the hunt for the Inca Kola though which sounds more exciting.

Now to find that language school.
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Ali said...

"Everybody gives me these crazy looks..."

Maybe that's because you're not normal? :)

Eric Newcomer said...

Ya, going to have to agree with ali on this one. You are, if just a little bit, crazy. So what did you expect?

Anyways, I bet they are probably "check out el richo gringo, man.. we got a month to take him for all hes got" looks.

Eric Newcomer said...

So, do I not get the local reference? Or is this a homage to yours and my favorite childhood friend?

Nic Pottier said...

I'm afraid you lost me with the super-grover bit Eric..

Marc said...

Maybe being 6'4" in a land where everyone is 5'2" doesn't really let you blend in. Try wearing a brightly colored hat. That might work. Or... possibly walking around on your knees.

BTW - sounds like Lauren would have a tough time living in Peru given the plentiful supply of drinkable yogurt and the distinct lack of milk.

Eric Newcomer said...

I don't know what a Grovery store is. I'm probably just too white.

Thomas said...

they don't keep milk refridgerated in the stores. apparently, it's not necessary until you open the cartoon.

who knew?!?