Thursday, April 5, 2007

Interweb Theft


Thank god for open access points. I found a neighbor that happens to have his connection open and that has greatly eased my life. I should be meeting with someone tomorrow to figure out what is happening, but having a connection at home is a blessing until then.

I went to lunch at the hole in the wall place I mentioned yesterday. I could tell from the chalk board outside that they had a fixed price lunch menu, however I couldn't understand a word the waitress rattled off to me. It basically turned into me just saying "numero uno" and "numero dos" for the two options. Mind you, I had no idea which either were, I was just satisfying her request for me to pick something.

Turns out those were pretty good choices. She came out with a big plate of breaded and fried calamari which was quite yummy and nicely spiced. Next came a lightly breaded filet of some sort of white fish over rice with a plain salad. Again, pretty darn good. When the bill came it was for six soles, less than $2. I tried paying nine soles and getting up, but the owner ran over and tried to explain to me that I was overpaying. I then had to try to explain back to her in some way that I MEANT to overpay. In the end I chocked out that I thought the food was excellent, pointed to a two sole piece, and left that behind. So a little under $3 for a two course lunch.

That's a sick deal any way you cut it. (hopefully figuratively only!)
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