Thursday, April 5, 2007

Central Miraflores


I had to walk a ways to find an internet cafe (in retrospect, there must be one closer) but had some great sight seeing along the way. The church above sure was pretty but isn't even mentioned in my Peru guide book. I guess I have to check out the ones that are! I pondered going in, but it looked very busy with Easter traffic so I thought better of it. They might not be so welcoming to an atheist gringo.


I eventually reached the shore again, this time quite a bit farther south. Larcomar is one of the big tourist centers and is a huge outdoor mall right on the cliffs. It included the Tony Romas... and another Starbucks.. oh, and a Hooters. Aww, I feel so at home!


The beaches down below looked rocky but were very busy with the surfers. Looked like a really good time, with very consistent waves. To me, they looked like about six foot swells or so. I'll definitely have to see if one can rent surf boards around here.

This is also the spot for parasailing, there was a whole string of them coming down the cliff band. Might be a fun thing to try out, though flying tandom for some reason doesn't sound as fun.


Further north I ran into the Parque del Amor, with this statue which is one of the most famous sights in Lima. I guess it kind of fits in with the ongoing theme of Latin lovin'.
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Ali said...

Love the reflecting pond beneath the statue! Can you put in a sole somewhere and make the whole thing shake...?

Nic Pottier said...

I thought coin-op beds were for when you didn't have hot latin' lovin'?