Tuesday, April 3, 2007

In Lima

Well one glaring anomoly right off the bat is Blogger is showing me everything in Spanish and I'm not seeing any obvious way to revert to English. I suppose this will be a good way to build my vocabulary. 'Titulo'->'Title'. Check.

Well about 12 hours after leaving Seattle I've arrived in Lima. My first exposure to Lima really came before arriving though, as a girl sitting next to me was coming back from her Summer break. (my mind still hurt a bit when trying to realize it's summer here) She had spent three months in the US in various places, her favorite by far being Vegas and was quite surprised I'd never been there. I asked her what some good places to eat in Lima were and her first reply was Tony Romas! I kid you not! :) Ahh.. youth and their love for all things American. She also taught me how to say a few things in Spanish, increasing my vocabulary of phrases to.. uh.. three?

Upon arriving I was greeted by Rochi and her husband, the brother of Michael who I am renting the apartment from. Rochi's English was excellent and they were both incredibly friendly and helpful. The drive from the airport to Miraflores was about as depressing as I'd read. You really do drive through some amazingly poor areas, and these didn't even look as bad as some we flew over before landing. There's no doubt this is a 3rd world country, and probably the poorest city and country I've ever been in, even seemingly compared to Tunisia.

I know everybody waxes poetic about different countries and their crazy drivers.. but.. they really ARE crazy here. I mean it! I couldn't believe some of the merging that took place, and lanes in general didn't seem to actually serve any purpose. Needless to say, I was glad I had a ride from the airport, trying to drive in this traffic would be an adventure of a whole different scale.


The apartment itself is fantastic. Very cozy, clean and comfortable, and decent enough broadband. (~600Kbps down/~200Kbps up) I think it'll serve as a fine homebase, especially once I plug in the wireless router.

Tomorrow's tasks include finding a grocery store (potable tap water sure is a luxury we don't realize) and a language school. For now, I'm going to watch some Spanish music videos, unpack and catch some zzz's.

Adios Amigos!
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Eric Newcomer said...

Are you a giant among men? Or were you standing on a chair when you took these pictures? :)

Ali said...

It's from the web cam they accidentally left in the ceiling.

Marc said...

Nah - that webcam is still showing Nic's bedroom in Seattle. (the implications of that statement just made me sick).